Seamlessly Connect to any SaaS, SOA, Enterprise App


SEConnect’s intuitive visual interface configures application integrations using easy drag-and-drop and data mapping tools. Apply conditional and data filters to manage the data flow between applications.


Leverage our pre-built connectors to establish integrations instantly or build a connector using the technology connector stack. We build connectors for free if you don’t find your preferred application in our library.



The ShuffleExchange platform centrally manages all the integration points. The analytics module provides clear insights on data transfers. And notification services accurately informs any service interruptions on the endpoints.

Why ShuffleExchange?

Simplify your world! Modern software applications have large data structures with complex relationships. Because of this, there is an increasing need for these systems to be integrated smartly and efficiently. Fortunately, most of these systems mask the complexity by exposing APIs and oData Services that are simple to understand and utilize, for integration purposes.

The traditional data transfer tools, which often target the tables directly inside the database, will need the end-user to understand thoroughly these intricacies. The use of these tools becomes exceptionally demanding for both the expertise and time of the end-user.

ShuffleExchange, by connecting the systems through the APIs and oData Services, hides these complicated aspects from the end-user and makes configuring and implementing a breeze. ShuffleExchange brings simplicity and ease of use while still serving the complex nature of the integration.

Build Integrations faster without writing code

Ready to connect your Enterprise and simplify your world?