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 Why Partner

Why Partner?

Partnering is empowering

Our world is interconnected and collaboration is essential to effectiveness. Though it can seem counterintuitive in a competitive market, partnering can give you a distinct advantage. As a ShuffleExchange partner, you can extend your reach by joining our expanding network.

Partnering is rewarding

You want to make wise use of the time and effort your company puts into integrations. As an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), ShuffleExchange makes your solution more attractive by removing concerns about the substantial labor and money spent on traditional data and application integrations. From companies with a small team of developers to those with a large cadre of engineers, a ShuffleExchange partnership can be customized to meet your integration needs. Whatever your technical size and shape, consider which of the following partnership models might be right for you.

System Integration Partner

Systems Integration Partner

With the right subject matters experts (SMEs) and capacity, you build your own integrations using ShuffleExchange.

You can expand your own market and make yourself more appealing to potential clients. Not only that, your SMEs join a digital transformation network of other users.

Consulting Partners

Integrations Consulting Partner

We provide the integration solutions, alongside of you. It is mutually beneficial. You have a solution to offer prospects and clients. And we take care of the rest. As integration inertia is a real thing, ShuffleExchange removes that lethargy to catalyze client acquisitions.

White Label  ShuffleExchange

Integrations White Label Partner

You offer ShuffleExchange to potential customers and existing clients but with your branding. Along with the benefits of the Integration Consulting Partner, white labeling enhances your own brand. And it brings the opportunity to create new and recurring revenue streams as you set and manage your own fee structures.

As you are planning for your own ecosystem expansion, don’t worry about missing connectors. Not only are we continually adding connectors to the library, if the ones you want aren’t there, we’ll build them for free.