Maximize your Salesforce Investment

Salesforce Integration

Position your organization to succeed by integrating Salesforce with

your on-premise, cloud, social and mobile applications. Salesforce

Connector, by ShuffleExchange, offers superior performance post

integration, ensuring unfettered access to data across your organization.

Our integration with Salesforce

Real-time Integration

Synchronize data across applications and business units seamlessly and access up-to-date data within your enterprise. Configure it to meet your workload requirements, on the fly.

Quick Turnaround

Experience a unified, future-proofed integration platform that offers quick turnaround through robust services so you can rapidly integrate Salesforce with all other systems in your enterprise.

Salesforce Data Backups

Perform incremental backups of your Salesforce data persistently, where only new and changed records are copied after the initial backup. Preserve every record so you can recover data back to any point in time.

Data Management & Analytics

Provides analytics on data flow between Salesforce and other applications and services within your enterprise while ensure governance and enabling greater business agility.


Reliable Platform - 24/7 Monitoring

High performance, real-time monitoring with 24/7 system oversight. Monitoring services track performance and data availability, and generate reports.

Production Ready

Built for organizations that want easy-to-implement, the cloud infrastructure can be deployed within hours, enabled to run production-ready workloads.